A note to our clients

 The health and safety of our employees, clients and community members are our highest priority, and we'd like to take the opportunity to address the ongoing     concerns over the current flu season and the COVID-19 virus, and the  preventative measures we have in place at Katies Catering.  We are taking the following steps to ensure the health and safety of Katies Team and our valued customers: 

· Our Leadership Team is continually monitoring the situation and has been providing our employees with updated guidelines and direction from the CDC and local health authorities on healthy work place habits. 

· As always, we are asking that any employee who does not feel well stay home.

· We have provided alcohol-based hand sanitizer throughout our workplace and in common areas.   

· We will be providing redi wipes for your guests to use at events and will also be supplying gloves for them to put on while handling the utensils on the buffet line. 

· We will make sure that all guests are made aware of the location of the restrooms to make sure that plenty of handwashing is happening. 

· We will allow you to reschedule your event 1 time. 

· If there is a government shutdown and you choose to still have your event and relocate at a private location, we will deliver and drop off your order only. No staff would stay. 

We also have rigorous procedures in place to ensure the quality, sanitation and cleanliness of our equipment. We have highlighted an overview of some of our Equipment Cleaning & Sanitation Procedures below:

Dishware: All of our dish and glass cleaning processes incorporate equipment that utilize water temperatures in excess of 180 degrees Fahrenheit, which, when incorporated with our dish cleaning solution, exceeds the FDA Food Code

Linen: Similar to that of our Dish process, the combination of detergent, high water temperatures and length of wash cycle, exceeds the FDA Food Code

General Equipment: We wipe down the surfaces of our general equipment  items (which include tables, chairs, bars, shelving, and more) with an all-purpose cleaner, followed by the application of a spray sanitizing solution. The sanitizer is then allowed to air dry on the surface, in accordance with the manufacturer recommendations, prior to making the     equipment available to use. 

We are closely monitoring the CDC and World Health Organization for ongoing updates and will continue to adjust and advance our practices as recommended. We understand the impact this is having across the event industry and we are committed to working with you, our clients, during this difficult time. 

Katie Pritchett, Owner

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Menus for Every Meal

Great taste is the name of the game with our catering and we're committed to stepping up to the plate. Our goal is to provide delicious, natural options. That's why we prepare all of our meals with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. If you have those guests that need gluten free or vegan options we can accommodate your every need. 



Are you looking for someone to provide your bar package and bartending needs? Large or small, we do it all! Get in touch to start planning the perfect event for a business lunch, wedding, cocktail reception, and more! 


Get it Displayed

Any catering company can drop off your food order but Katie's Catering is well known for her food displaying. They take the most normal food menu and turn it into a beautiful work of art on her amazing decor. She matches her decor with your theme or style for your event.  To get your menus displayed to wow your guest, just ask to add it on.  It is a 10% fee based on your total.



Nikki Spencer

Senator Ed Emery

Nikki Spencer

"She has amazing skills and LOTS OF LOVE into her food. Need a food spread for an upcoming event...this is the woman to call. She will get it done with a smile!"


Jim Dewberry

Senator Ed Emery

Nikki Spencer

I used Katie's catering services for my Birthday party. She is the BEST! She provides meals that are made from scratch and much love goes into everything she does. People are still talking about her fried chicken legs. If you want the best,call Katie...for she is the BEST in the business..


Senator Ed Emery

Senator Ed Emery

Senator Ed Emery

I have used Katie and attended many of her events. There is none better. She is always the first call I make when I need catering.

Sample Menu

Please note: this is a sample menu and is fully customizable to your needs

About Us


Owner Employed

Catering your events with dignity and pride, Katie Pritchett and her team will make sure each job is ran smoothly and efficiently.  You don't ever have to worry about the job not getting done right or if you will get what you paid for.  It is her goal to make sure that you are the star of your event. 


Family owned

Katie's Catering is a family owned catering company that Katie shares with her husband and six children.  She knows what it takes to make everyone at your dinner table happy and she incorporates excellence, integrity, respect, and teamwork into her catering just as she does at home.     


Piece of Mind

It is our mission to be recognized as a leading distinctive caterer delivering  fresh, homemade, quality meals;

Offered to customers at the most reasonable, affordable price; 

For a healthier, refreshing, filling and totally satisfying meal.  That is the piece of mind you will get every time!